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COVID-19 contingency sharing


Primary care staff across each borough will be able to access your full medical record without consent during the COVID-19 pandemic but will only do so when this is necessary to provide you with care. They will be required to use a smartcard which confirms their identity, and which limits their access and actions to those appropriate for their role. They will all have been trained to understand their professional and legal responsibilities in providing you with care

It’s time to TAKE OVAR – March is Ovarian Cancer Month

  • On average, 720 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year in London.
  • Around 350 women die of ovarian cancer each year in London – almost one woman every day. 
  • A woman in the UK has a one in 50 chance of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in her lifetime.
  • When a woman is diagnosed at the earliest stage, her chance of surviving ovarian cancer for five years or more doubles. 

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Coronavirus – Access to the practice is only by Telephone

 In order to reduce the risk spread of the Coronavirus and keep you safe, all appointments will start with a telephone consultation as from Monday 16th March. If you have a booked appointment please stay at home and we will call you first. If you need an appointment please call us. Then, if needed, we will organise an appointment. If you think you have Coronavirus phone 111 or use the online service Please remember to wash your hands! 

Letters for coronavirus/COVID-19

If you have questions relating to foreign travel, you have been advised to self-isolate or have caring responsibilities for someone affected by isolation procedures relating to COVID-19, this practice is unable to provide any letters, reports or additional information that is already in the public domain.

Please visit as soon this will be able to produce documentation for your employer about self-isolation.

Please STAY AT HOME if you might have coronavirus/COVID-19.

If you have either:

-a high temperature or fever


-a new continuous cough

then you might have coronavirus. Please DO NOT COME INTO THE PRACTICE. Stay at home and use the coronavirus symptom checker or call 111.

If you are very unwell and think you have the coronavirus then please also DO NOT COME INTO THE PRACTICE. We cannot provide testing or treatment for coronavirus. Please call 111 and a dedicated team of healthcare staff will be able to attend to you if required. 


CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Advice from Cavendish Health Centre


As concerns about COVID-19 grow, we ask all patients to be aware of the following in order to protect themselves and others more vulnerable from infection.  If you think you have symptoms, or may have been exposed to the virus whilst travelling, DO NOT come to the GP practice, and DO NOT VISIT a pharmacy or hospital. 


INSTEAD VISIT or CALL 111 for advice.


If a patient comes to the practice with suspected COVID-19 infection we will need to close areas of the practice for deep cleaning and isolate doctors/nurses/receptionists who have come into contact – THIS MAY RESULT IN CLOSURE OF THE PRACTICE.


As per NHS England guidance, we need to reduce the number of patients visiting the practice so that we:

  1. Protect our staff so that we can continue to provide a service for patients who need care from us
  2. Prevent the spread of the virus
  3. Look after all of our patients but especially our most vulnerable


All GP appointments are now telephone or Skype – DO NOT COME IN TO THE PRACTICE UNLESS YOU ARE ASKED BY THE DOCTOR


If you need to see one of the Nursing team, you need to first complete the 111 Coronavirus symptom checker – only if you are given the all clear then book an appointment


DO NOT COME IN TO THE PRACTICE to book appointments, pick up prescriptions or letters etc.  Use the online system to send us a message or if you do not have access then phone us on 0207 487 5244.  Electronic prescribing is available so prescriptions can go directly to the pharmacy of your choice.


Finally the most effective protection against infection is effect hygiene, including hand washing.  You can find more on how to protect yourself here:

Following this guidance will help to keep you healthy and will help the NHS to continue to provide effective health services to those in greatest need during the coming weeks.