Private Services List and Fees

Some services we provide at the practice are not covered by the NHS and hence there is a fee payable for these.

Examples include certificates, forms, medical examinations and various travel vaccinations.

Private Prescriptions £15.50
Private Sick Note £50.00
Medical Expenses Claim Form £50.00
To Whom It May Concern Letter £50.00
Travel Fitness Letter/Travel Insurance/Simple certificate £50.00
Report no examination, detailed opinion + statement on condition of patient £175.00
eGPR £104.00
e-GPR supplementary reports £27.00
Report on a pro-forma, no examination £104.00
GP examination for insurance company or travel purposes (includes 30 minute appointment) £250.00
Charge for booking further appointment for the above if the original appointment is missed £50.00
Report for people taken sick abroad £100.00
Immunisations including Travel For Patients Registered at the Practice
Chicken Pox.   Set of 2 required. £180 for both £180 for both
Cholera.   Set of 2 required. £70 for both £70 for both
Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio combined £33.66 FREE
Hepatitis A £55.00 FREE
Hepatitis A and Typhoid combined £78.54 FREE
Hepatitis B – price per vaccine. Set of 3 required £37.00 £37.00
Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B combined £73.00 FREE
HPV Gardasil. May need 1 vaccination or full course of 3. Discuss with Nurse. £165 per dose FREE for pts aged 12-18
HPV Cervarix Not available Not available
Japanese Encephalitis £93.00 £93.00
Malaria private prescription £15.50 £15.50
Meningitis ACWY (AWCY Vax) £70.00 £70.00
Meningitis ACWY (Nimenrix/Menveo) £70.00 £70.00
Meningitis B £105.00 Available privately   by request
Pneumovax £85.00 FREE for at Risk Patients
Rabies (IM) £68.00 £68.00
Shingles £175.00 FREE for those who fall into NHS criteria – check with Nurse
Tick-borne. May need 1 booster or full course of 3. Discuss with Nurse. £85 per dose £85.00
Typhoid £33.00 FREE
Yellow Fever £75.00 £75.00