GPs, Salaried GPs and GP Registrars

Members of the team are:

Dr Alka Savani (f)

Salaried GP

Dr Rachna Savani (f)

Salaried GP

Dr Cath Games (f)

Freelance GP

Dr Yulia Peysakhova (f)

Salaried GP (currently on maternity leave)

Dr Lafina Diamandis (f)

Freelance GP

Dr Rakesh Patel (m)

GP Registrar (ST3)

Dr Soumya Pandalai (f)

GP Registrar (ST1)

We are a Training Practice

This means that we have Specialist Trainees (STs) and Foundation Doctors (F2s) working in our team. All are fully qualified doctors – the ST doctors are training to become GPs and the F2 doctors are doing more general training in the second year after qualification as doctors.

We also sometimes have medical students sitting in on consultations as part of their educational process. Your support in this is very much appreciated. We always ask your consent for this, and if you prefer the student not to be present your care will in no way be affected.